ETAP Dynamic and Transient Analysis (Professional) - 15 June- 18 June, 2020

This special 4 Days training course reviews basic and important principles of synchronous machines, generator controls, their roles in power system operation and effect to system transient and stability, in depth while using a plain power engineer language. The most dominating equations and rules for power system dynamics and transient stability, including torque equation, swing equation, power transferring capability curves and equal area criteria are studied and discussed. In combination with informative and lectures, attendees to the workshop will have plenty of time to hands-on experience by using ETAP Transient Stability Analysis program on thoughtfully prepared and selected sample systems and study cases to enhance the theoretical understanding to power system dynamics and transient phenomena, as well as to learn everything that is needed to perform transient stability studies-from data entry, to create study scenarios, to run studies and to analysis simulation results.

Each participant is provided a computer with ETAP software loaded for use during the class time. Training will be handed by ETAP instructor with practical experience.

Hotel: Orchard Hotel (Tentatively)
All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendee.
The Instructor: Mr. Albert Marroquin (ETAP U.S.A)

Course Fee:
US$ 2,800.00/per person
1/. Fee does not include lodging, transportation and Singapore Government Tax.
2/. Fee include light breakfast snacks, tea-breaks & lunch (30 July- 2 August, 2018).
3/. Course is limited to 15 participants. So please register early!
4/. Payment in full must be received Three weeks prior to start date of course.

Time: 09:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.
Date: 15 June- 18 June, 2020

ETAP Advanced Training on Industrial Power System Dynamic and Transient Studies 2020

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Course Outline

Day 1
Introduction to Transient Stability
System Stability Studies

Day 2
Generation Plant Stability Studies
Intelligent Load Shedding
Bus (Load) Transferring Study

Day 3
Renewable Energy System Transient
Transmission System Stability
Fundamentals of UDM Excitation systems
Creating UDM exciters and PSS

Day 4
Fundamentals of governor Systems
Creating UDM Governor/Prime Movers
User-Defined Dynamic Load Models
Dynamics Parameter Estimation & Tuning (generators)
Machine Parameter Estimation & Tuning (asynchronous motors)


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