Electrical System Modeling and Analyse Projects Reference

Vpower Solutions is pleased to offer conceptual design, feasibility studies, system modeling and analyse various design possibilities, we perform a full spectrum of power systems analysis.


Project/Client Name Electrical System Study
Rohm and Haas Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd (Plant at Jurong Island) Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Protective Devices and Arc Flash
DF21 Data Center Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Protective Devices, Transformer Energization, Motor Starting, Transformer Inrush, Transient Fault, Cable Sizing and Arc Flash
Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Pte Ltd (J9 Plant at Jurong Island) Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Motor Starting, Protective Devices, Harmonics
Johor River Waterworks (PUB Project) Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Motor Starting and Protective Devices
Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd (Plant at Jurong Island) System Modeling
Global Process Systems Pte Ltd (FPSO Project) System Study & Review
Punggol-Serangoon Pumping Station (PUB Project) Motor Starting
Marina Bay Sands Singapore (IR Project) Short-Circuit and Protective Devices
Combining LEX and PROCESS Generators Study at Santan Terminal Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Protective Devices and Transient Stability
Marina Barrage Project at Marina Way/South (PUB Project) Motor Starting
Saudi Aramco Energy Centre Load Flow, Short-Circuit and Motor Starting
Equinix Singapore Data Center Transformer Energization Study
Kingsland Data Center Short-Circuit and Protective Devices
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